The WeNaija Photography Contest powered by Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund

About The WeNaija Photo Contest

In furtherance of the objective of reskilling the Nigerian workforce, the WeNaija photography contest was organized by the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF or The Fund). Themed “Visions of Nigeria” , the contest is an initiative to empower creatively inclined Nigerian youths by creating a platform where they can tell the story of how Nigerians are living with the Covid-19 pandemic through compelling photography. The campaign attracted interest and participation across the length and breadth of the country.

This contest culminated into a photography auction and exhibition were some of the best entries will be sold to raise funds that will be channeled into empowering the Nigerian youths through the upskilling of at least 500 young Nigerians in life changing vocations for the betterment of the Nigerian society.

Captured in this catalogue are some of the best entries received during the competition and have been put up for sale to raise the needed funds for the youth’s empowerment program. These entries have been professionally curated in partnership with Bloom Arts, Lagos.

NSSF is calling on well-meaning Nigerians, such as you to lend a hand and support this cause by purchasing one of the photographs for posterity.